Marvin Consulting Services for Taxicab Owners

After thirty-five years of taxicab advertising experience, Marvin has learned how to guide fleet owners and operators to a more profitable business through mobile advertising.

  • How to make taxi advertising really pay off.

  • How to avoid disaster.

  • How to create acceptance for taxicab advertising.

Marvin offers a consulting service to companies that want to enter into the taxicab advertising business. Taxicab advertising can be most profitable or it can be a disaster. The mistakes that are made initially can make the difference between a long-term profitable business or otherwise.

Marvin Taxicab Advertising Company, with over thirty-five years of experience in taxicab advertising has the know-how that can make the difference.  Marvin’s consulting costs are most affordable. Marvin is pleased to sell your company high quality advertising equipment and services.

Marvin has leased more taxicab fleets and more taxicabs in more cities in the United States than all of its competitors combined. Bitter costly experiences taught Marvin how to avoid the mistakes that could destroy or bankrupt any company.

Marvin’s consulting covers every phrase of the taxi advertising business. We can show you how to best protect your investment both in time spent and dollars invested.

Marvin’s consulting services are affordable and reasonable based upon the potential and the number of taxicabs involved in your city.

Taxicab Consulting Service Outline

  1. Easy to install.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Easy to change posters.
  4. Why use illumination?
  5. How to avoid servicing problems with the cab operator.
  6. How to wire illumination to the taxicab
  7. How to maintain illumination.
  8. How to use illumination.
  1. Leasing either independent or fleet taxicabs.
  2. How to lock in the independent or the fleet operator.
  3. What should be included in the contract.
  4. How the contract should be drawn to eliminate any future problems with the cab company and the advertisers.
  5. How to prevent the cab owner or fleet operator from canceling your contract.
  6. How to make payments to the cab company or the fleet operator.
  7. How to handle the problems with the individual owners.
  8. How to handle the problems with fleet operators.
  9. What to pay the fleet operator; what to pay the individual operator for the cab company.
  10. What service to provide to the fleet operator or the independent operator.
  1. How to control taxicab advertising in your city.
  2. How to keep future competitors from taking over.
  3. How to handle problems with the city or police department for approval to carry advertising on taxicabs.
  4. How to keep from losing control of taxicab advertising.
  5. How to keep competitors from stealing your leased taxicabs.
  1. How to obtain advertisers.
  2. How to market taxicab advertising.
  3. How to contract with advertisers.
  4. What you must not do with advertisers.
  5. How Marvin can assist your company in obtaining multinational advertisers.
  6. What to charge for the advertising space.
  7. How to contract for the advertising space.
  8. How to handle the advertising agencies.
  9. Marketing material required to sell advertisers and advertising agencies.
  1. Advertising copy.
  2. Poster material used.

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