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We have over thirty-five years of taxicab advertising experience in major cities throughout the United States. Marvin’s taxicab advertising state-of-the-art carriers are road tested and proven, so you can trust the durability and timeless design of our product. Taxicab operators are delighted with the revenue received and performance of Marvin’s high quality advertising carriers, we are an investment that will bring you the results you want to see.

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Getting Started in Taxicab Advertising

Marvin makes it easy to get started in the taxi advertising business. For taxicab owners, ad carrier advertising can be most profitable for your company year after year. Marvin shows you how to be immediately profitable. Your investment may be returned in just three or four months. For entrepreneurs who want to enter the taxicab advertising business or need advice on how to be profitable in the mobile advertising business, Marvin’s Consulting Service¬†provides all the necessary requirements to start and profitably operate a taxi advertising business.

What Our Customers Say

“Great product, sells itself. A very profitable investment.”

“Excellent investment. A very profitable business. Thank you Marvin Company.”

“Every cab company should carry Marvin’s carriers. They are very salable.”

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