Marvin Taxi Advertising Company Sells Advertisers on sight. Marvin taxi advertising supplies outdoor advertising signs for taxicabs and livery vans
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Two Sided Illuminated Plastic Rooftop Carrier


  • Superior polycarbonate shell.
  • Back lighted copy area for greater Illumination of advertising panels.
  • Locking sockets for fluorescent bulbs prevents bulbs from popping out.
  • Full aluminum pan eliminates dirty interior panels that reduces illumination.
  • One bulb lighted by low amperage heavy duty ballast transformer.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available with Emergency "CALL 911" and Taxi Identification front and rear.
  • Simple installation requiring one (1) hour or less.
  • Wiring tied to the headlight. When headlights are turned on, the rooftop carrier illuminates with beautiful dramatic appearance.

                               Advertising carriers for rooftop ads on taxi cabs and livery vehicles

Marvin's 2-sided lighted rooftop ad carrier for taxicabs lets your car earn money even when it's doing nothing but waiting for a fare. Add this revenue generator to your fleet and watch bottom line profits soar.

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